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640 XL 16 GB Micro SD Memory Card Adapter for Nokia Lumia XRHWJSCRM



Availability: In Stock

You are unique, so treat yourself to a phone case that suits you!High-quality products: rigid, carefully crafted with a brilliant design.-

It is now possible to expand the memory in your Nokia Lumia 640XL thanks to the micro SD card
This accessory provides a good space to store photos, songs or videos, and that, without damaging the files
The official Transcend brand offers a card of 8, 16or 32gigabits
A short trip or a weekend seems to be more practical. They are useful for rapid increase the memory of your smartphone
Supplied without an adapter, it can be used immediately on your phone
Moreover, they are also compatible with all operating systems via PC or Mac
The quality of manufacturing of these cards is their first asset
They are ranked among the best thanks to their high transfer speed up to 20MB/s
In addition, they feature the ECC (error correction code)
This is a process of automatic correction in case of errors occur during the transfer of files
As a result, your laptop will be protected from any risk of sudden loss of data
They will be stored safely
They can also adapt to a variety of devices with a business card holder
So, don't wait any longer. Increase the storage capacity of the memory of your mobile phone
This way, you can save the images and videos of your good times
In addition, you can store your favorite music directories
Treat yourself. Place your order on the site of
It is guaranteed that fast shipping
Benefits: High Capacity of official Ideal brand to increase your memory card quickly, comes without an adapter for PC/Mac

640 XL 16 GB Micro SD Memory Card Adapter for Nokia Lumia XRHWJSCRM

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